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Hi Angie, I wanted to write and give you an update on Sherwood. He's settling in, and finally seems house-trained. He gets along pretty well with Katie (as long as she gets her food first), and the cat. I'll attach a photo of the three of them in their usual heirarchy: Sherwood on the floor, Katie one level up, on the couch, and the cat on the back of the couch. I'm guessing he never walked on a leash, cause he doesn't seem to want to walk w/Katie and I; it's something we'll have to work on this Spring. My vet here called the Michigan State University Vet School to ask about his eyes; one of their recommendations was to apply eye drops every 2 hours if possible (which most of the time, it isn't). But I try to put them in as often as I can, and my pet sitter puts them in when I'm at work. Sherwood's definitely a hit with my neighbors. Take care, Pat


Angie Just a little update on Copper. He is doing pretty well. Adjusting to our home, acts like he's been here forever! A few housetraining issues, but that's to be expected. He and Nemo are settling in together and were sleeping at my feet Monday night! Attached is a couple pictures of him! Thanks again for all you did for him!


Hello! It has been some time since we adopted Windy and we have loved every minute of it. She is still very protective of her family & shy (barks and then runs away) around strangers, but she loves her family. She has really become an important part of the family. When she isn't snuggling and getting pampered inside, she loves playing outside with the girls, but always has a watchful eye out for strange animals (deer and cats) and people who might venture onto our property. She also loves to put our younger cat in her place, but she doesn't mess with our 14 year old cat (she seems to have more respect for her elders :) Anyway, I thought you might like to hear an update and see a few photos of Windy. She is very happy and thinks she is a princess right along with our other three (human) princesses so she gets pampered as well. Sometimes she even dresses up with the girls by wearing a crown and we swear when she is getting attention she smiles! Thank you again for allowing us to adopt Windy. We all love her very much. Have a Happy New Year, Andy

Bandit Check out bandit! He has been a great dog and loves to work! Feel free to post on your website.


Winston has been such a blessing to us. After losing our dog Kipper that November, finding Winston, and bringing him home with us, has been such a sweet joy. He healed our sad hearts! He has the best personality, SO loving and just such a gentle heart. He loves everyone and everyone loves him back. He and our cats quickly became great friends! He is a big love who thinks that all problems can be solved with a Winston smooch! He has a HUGE spirit and gets rambunctious but that is part of his charm! He does want to please us and is quick to behave when we ask it of him. We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to adopt this sweet boy! He loves his long walks with Daddy every morning and evening and going for car rides. He loves Ritter's Frozen Custard Dog Nights, playing with our neighborhood dogs and going for runs at the dog park. He loves a good tummy rub/scratch more than anything, well, except for a nap on the couch with one of his people! Yes, he is spoiled a little bit but then, shouldn't ALL dogs be? We love our Winston and are SO please HE chose US to be his forever family!

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