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Home for 2011 -- Tuesday January 11th, 2011

We have extended our reduced adoption donation request through the end of January! These dogs need homes! Please consider helping any way you can, by donating, volunteering, fostering, or if you are looking for a dog, adopting one of our adoptable dogs! Thank you - Howelling Kennels Rescue!

HomeforHoliday -- Wednesday December 1st, 2010

Happy Holidays, dog lovers! For the Holidays, how about making a rescued dog's dreams come true by adopting or sponsoring a rescued dog! We are dropping our Adoption Donation minimum request for the Holidays, making it easier to bring a rescued dog... FOREVER HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!! Please consider adopting one of our rescued dogs! They will love you for making their dreams come true! Happy Holidays! Howelling Kennels Corgi and Cattle Dog Rescue

Rescue Scams -- Thursday July 8th, 2010

This link is to an article posted on the website about rescue scams and gives advise on selecting a rescue organization to adopt your forever companion from. ""

Corgi Rally Champ -- Wednesday April 8th, 2009

Meet Ohio's most obedient dog Phoebe, a Welsh corgi owned by Worthington resident Jennifer Lyon, is the state's top dog in rally obedience competition. By DENNIS LAYCOCK Published: Friday, April 3, 2009 5:25 PM EDT They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks -- but what about a dog that's never seen a leash, let alone a seesaw or weave poles? That's the situation Worthington resident Jennifer Lyon, 51, found herself in after she adopted Phoebe three years ago. Now, the Pembroke Welsh corgi is the top-ranked dog in Ohio and 18th in the country in the sport of rally obedience. Now 5 years old, Phoebe spent her puppy days on a wide-open horse farm -- but her owners, who already had eight other dogs along with sundry farm animals, felt she needed to be an "only dog," Lyon said.