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SPECIAL REQUEST!!!! We are in need of sponsors to help offset medical cost! Every dog we rescue gets a trip to the vet for a full exam and shots and spay/neuter. The cost really add up and we need HELP to cover those expenses. YOU are our financial source for supporting this effort! Please consider sponsoring a dog or making a donation!!

We are always in need of sponsors! Each dog that we take in requires visits to the vet for checkups, necessary vaccinations, and spay or neuter. All of these expenses are on top of the normal day to day care that each animal needs. Then there are toys, crates, medications, heartworm prevention and flea prevention in addition. The cost really add up, especially if there are special needs like prescription diet foods or illness.

Therefore, we need sponsors to assist with offsettng the cost. It allows us to save more dogs, and to keep the adoption fees down. Please consider sponsoring one of our dogs, or any rescue dog for that matter, ours or someone else.

Thank you for your consideration.

Howelling Kennels Rescue